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Mac the Cook
14; on the USS Scaffold - loaned Pappy money to bring Paola to the U.S. (perhaps a riff on "Mack the Knife", a Kurt Weill song from The Threepenny Opera, 1928).

MacBurgess, Ralph

70; aka Maxwell Rowley-Bugge; vaudvillian who's "daft for young girls"; his code: "take whatever they give you." 76

Machiavelli, Niccolò (1469-1527)

160; Florentine statesman who held that terrorism and deceit were justifiable means of achieving a peaceful and prosperous Italy. In Il Principe (1515) he wrote that only a strong and ruthless prince could free Italy from devastation by foreigners. Machiavellian has come to denote political deceit and intrigue and unscrupulous methods; 162-63; 179; 195; "old Machiavel," 381; 458; 479; "There were no more princes" 489; See also Principe, Il; Figli di Machiavelli; Fortuna/Virtu; lion/fox; TRP's Entropy

64; pimp, procurer

394; "combed the hair of Maman" at Serre Chaude


123; authoress of three 1000+ page novels centered on Heroic Love Theory; wife of Winsome; 217; 348; "a fucking fascist," 349; 357; 360-61; Provenance

121; prostitute in the bible "out of whom [Jesus] had cast seven devils" (Mark xvi, 9); Wikipedia


84; "the expected one" - a Muslim leader who assumes a messianic role; messiah; "the only Mahdi is the desert." 84; V. as "lucky mascot to the Mahdists," 388;See also Fuzzy-Wuzzy; Gordon, General; Khartoum; Kitchener, Sirdar; Mohammed Ahmed; Sudan

Mahmudiyeh Canal
79; in Cairo

Maiden Lane
217; in New York City; location of Anthroresearch Associates

311; Majjistral is Maltese for "north-west or the north-west wind"

Maijstral, Carla (d. 1956)

318; "young wife" of Fausto Sr.; contemplated suicide, 319, 483; 321; 478; 489

Maijstral, Fausto

291; father of Paola; 294; 303; confessions of, 304-46; working at Ta Kali airfield, 315; "I know of machines that are more complex than people." 322; 444

Maijstral, "old" (Fausto Sr.) (d. ca 1953)
305; shipfitter and spy in Malta for the F.O.; husband of Carla and father of Jr.; 318; 467; w/S. Stencil acting as his spy/double agent, 478

Maijstral, Paola

14; Maltese wife of Pappy Hod but leaves him; was a barmaid in the Metropolitan Bar in Malta, now at Sailor's Grave; "The girl lived proper nouns. Persons, places. No things." 51; "taken to disappearing for two to three days," 221; "had the passive look of an object of sadism, something to be attired in various inanimate costumes and fetishes, tortured, subjected to the weird indignities of Pig's catalogue," 221; 287; 303; 314; 316; 330-31; 365; return to Malta, 367; attempted rape by Pig, 370-71; 416; departs for Malta, 422-23; reunion with Poppy, gives him ivory comb, 442-43; Etymology of Paola

256; from 'mak os' (Afrikaans: 'tame oxen') : a very long whip used to spur on the oxen pulling the wagons of the early settlers.

Malenkov, Georgi M. (1902 - 1988)

366; Russian Communist leader and statesman; premier from 1953 to 1955; See also Khrushchev, Nikita


14; Island republic in the Mediterranean south of Sicily comprised of five small islands. Malta's strategicposition on the sea lanes, providing a gateway from the Mediterranean to the Levant, Arabia and Gulf, has made it so desired by major powers over the ages. Under British control from 1800-1964; suffered constant aerial attacks from Italian and German bombers in WWII; according to Baedeker's: "composed of tertiary rock formation [the Maltese Islands] lie halfway between the Straits of Gibraltar and the Suez Canal"; "built like the island of Malta itself: rock, an inscrutable heart." 19; "the little dark deep right there in the midst of the tame shellfish [...] the island of Malta [...] it frightened [H. Stencil]." 62; "Stencil has stayed off Malta." 303; Confessions of Fausto Maijstral, 304-46; God's "voice once guided the shipwrecked St. Paul to bless our Malta," 308; Siege of '40 '43, 311; "the Maltese mind, conditioned by its language," 314; "that sort of confused Maltese youth who finds island-love and mother-love impossible to separate" 318; "Malta is a noun feminine and proper. [... ] She lies on her back in the sea, sullen; an immemorial woman. [...] But her soul hasn't been touched; cannot be. Her soul is the Maltese people." 318; "Maltese timelessness," 321; matriarchal, 321; "so sensuous, so 'visual' a race are we Maltese," 339; "The Maltese think they're a pure race and the Europeans think they're Semitic, Hamitic, crossbread with North Africans, Turks and God knows what all." 350; "a homesick travelogue of Malta," 365; "a cradle of life," 382; military buildup due to Suez Crisis, 428; "a clenched fist around a yo-yo string," 444; "a country of coincidence, ruled by a ministry of myth," 450; "a charmed circle, some stable domain of peace," 480; "a Roman Catholic island," 480; "It must be an alien passion in Malta where all history seemed simultaneously present, where all streets were strait with ghosts, where in a sea whose uneasy floor made and unmade islands every year this stone fish and Ghaudex and the rocks called Cumin-seed and Peppercorn had remained fixed realities since time out of mind." 481; "Treacherous pasture, this island." 489; Maltese Falcon; Map of Malta; Early History; Wikipedia; Interactive Video Map

Malta Composite Battalion
490; According to Grazio Falzon: This was a Battalion of King's Own Malta Regiment during WWII. The battalion had other units from other regiments.

Maltese Labor Corp
467; According to Grazio: This is now the Malta Development Corporation which promotes investment in Malta.


394; French: "mama" or "mommy"; mother of Mélanie; their estate: Serre Chaude in Normandy; See also Suck Hour

259; god of this world, as opposed to God of heaven

484; town in Malta, near where Dupiro's body washes up on the shore

Manganese, Veronica

472; patroness in Paris who owns a dress shop in rue du Quatre-Septembre; with Maijstral Sr. at the John Bull; aka "La Manganese," 482; with S. Stencil, 486-88; "the same balloon-girl who'd seduced [S. Stencil] on a leather couch in the Florence consulate twenty years ago," 488; See also V.


338: a believer in religious or philosophical spirit/matter dualism

Mannaro, Sam
433; "sly young" corpsman striker on Scaffold, in the Union Jack

82; son of Waldetar

Manoel Theatre

477; in Valletta, a beautiful theatre built in 1731 by Portuguese Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena; said to be the third oldest theatre in Europe; Map of Malta

Manon Lescaut

91; Opera by Puccini which Porpentine attends when he is murdered; premiered February 1, 1893 in Teatro Regio in Turin, Italy; Plot Synopsis; Passages in Pynchon's Under The Rose; Translations of excerpts

Mansfield, Jayne (1933-67)
430; Hollywood sexpot of the 1950s and 1960s

Mantissa, Signor Rafael

159; A 5'3" gentleman who is plotting to steal Botticelli's "Birth of Venus"; "He mused inviolate by the serene river of Italian pessimism," 160; 186; Was Botticelli's Venus "a dream of anihilation?" 210; leaves Florence with Evan and Hugh Godolphin, 212; Etymology]

419; relating to the Isle of Man, its people or language; See also Isle of Man


457; Maltese for "woman"; "She's an inconstant city"; "minor saint," 461; "a perfectly historical personage," 461; "a carob pod, her proper symbol," 462; lashed to bowsprit of Turkish vessel, 462; "Disguise is one of her attributes." 462; "a quaint hermaphrodite sort of diety," 462; "no matter what the prevalent fashion in females, she remains constant" through time, 462; See also Hagiar Kim; matriarch/mothers


305; now (c.1955) "organizing riots among our linguistic brothers the Bantu," 307; 316; 317; See also Generation of '37

Maratt (père)
483; "Maratt the welder" with seven kids; father of Maratt the younger

Marchand, General
67; Frenchman on the White Nile; 69; See also Fashoda

Marengo, Jacob (d. 1907)
273; Bondelswaartz leader in the uprising of 1904;

87; resort town in Thanet district, Kent, southeast England

82; daughter of Waldetar; 317; Maria is Paola M., 350

137; Spanish: pejorative of male homosexual; "queer"

marid b'mohhu
322; Maltese: "mentally sick/crazy"

Marsa plain

462; on Malta, where La Valette was poisoning the springs with hemp and arsenic; Map of Malta


323; Marsamuscetto Harbour is one of "the two grand natural harbours of Valletta"; 334; 340; Marsa, 454; 457; 474; Map of Malta

Marx, Karl (1818-83)
405; German political, social and economic theorist whose work inspired modern communism

66; someone Aïeul will dream of


"just as small children call all females mother [...]" 12; Suck Hour, 13; umbilical, 29, 34, 49, 217; "as long as your mother is Jewish, you are Jewish too because we all come from our mother's womb. A long unbroken chain of Jewish mothers going all the way back to Eve." 47; "Raised motherless" 52; "you'll ask next if he believes her to be his mother." 54; "African fertility dances" 57; "embodying a feminine principle, acting as complement to all this bursting, explosive male energy." 209; "one mother-in-law [...] telling them how to make out their applications, a cigarette dangling from and about to burn her lipstick." 222; "He was developing breasts. [...] they amused themselves by unbuttoning the tops of their shirts and coyly exposing these new female acquisitions." 257; "we talked of love, fear, motherhood" 309; "Maltese version [of love]: Church-approved copulation for the purpose, and glorification, of motherhood." 311; "that sort of confused Maltese youth who finds island-love and mother-love impossible to separate." 318; "the inviolable womb of our Maltese rock" 318; "Does any mother anticipate the future; acknowledge when the time comes that a son is now a man" 321; "Is it only because Malta is a matriarchal island that Fausto felt so strongly that connection between mother-rule and decadence?" 321; "Mothers close ranks, and perpetuate a fictional history about motherhood." 321-22; All our babies have had only one father, the war; one mother, Malta her women. Bad lookout for the Family, and for mother-rule. Clans and matriarchy are incompatible with this Communion war has brough to Malta." 325; "The wingéd mother protective. The woman passive." 338; "Priests, like mothers, were to be venerated" 338; "you all live inside us, for nine months," 370; "Fortune, father and mother to everyone." 389; "Malta, a matriarchal island. Would the Paraclete be also a mother? [...] But what gift of communication could ever come from a woman. . ." 472; "She will be a mother soon [...] You know what it is to be a mother on this island." 478; "A wife knows things, especially one who will be a mother soon." 482; See also Maman; Suck Hour; The Education of Henry Adams; V. and the Goddess

434; British Commando in Valletta

379; a drunk in Profane's old neighborhood

Mazzini (1805-1872)
159; ardent Italian patriot

220; large record company now located in Los Angeles

314; Messerschmitt: a German WWII fighter plane; 319; 323; 329; 339

Medichevole, Ugo
388; a minor magician in the Roman Campagna


163; Florentine family which amassed great wealth from banking in the 14th and 15th centuries and became great patrons of the arts and ruled Tuscany until its cession to Austria by the Peace of Vienna in 1736 201


457; the sailor who takes H. Stencil to and from Malta in 1919; 492

68; leader of kitchen force in Austrian Consulate who calls Yusef names

See l'Heuremaudit, Mélanie

Melleha Bay

464; Mellieha Bay is a large bay on northern Malta; Map of Malta


35; one of The Whole Sick Crew; lives with Slab and Raoul; described, 56; Whole Sick Crew party, 287; 347; 355; "the folksinger," 360

Memnon of Thebes

78; in Greek lore, Memnon was an Ethiopian prince who fought in the Trojan War and was slain by Achilles. His mother Eos ("dawn") wept for him every morning. The Greeks called the statue of Amenophis III at Thebes that of Memnon. It is said that when the rays of the rising sun first struck the statue it produced a sound like the snapping asunder of a cord. In poetry when Eos kissed her son at day break he acknowledged it with a musical murmur. See also tongues

Mendoza, Angel

39; Kook's brother; aka Chain Ferguson, 140; 364

Mendoza, Josefina ("Fina")

38; works for Winsome at Outrageous Records, 137; Den Mother of the Playboys, 137; "St. Fina of the Playboys," 144; gang-banged, 151; aka "Cucarachita," 362; returning to San Juan, 362-64

Mendoza, Cucarachito ("Kook")

38; Angel's and Fina's brother

Mendoza, Mrs.
149; Angel's, Fina's and Kook's mother

Mercato Centrale
179; in Florence; 191; 207

Mercedes Benz
474; La Manganese owns one

Meroving, Vera

236; woman in jodhpurs from Munich at Foppl's villa; her glass eye with clock, 237; with H. Godolphin, 246-48; "a year and place don't have to include the physical person for there to be a certain ownership," 246; "inability to come to rest anywhere inside plausible extremes," 256; 278; Etymological Musings; See also V.


"about 10 percent communication," 135; "Wars don't have my beat. They're all noise." 141; "Some bungling clerk misspelled my name Gadrulfi," 217; "Rachel might think it was herself he wanted, not her roommate." 224; "the yarn [...] had become [...] Stencilized," 228; "The Bondelswaartz believe in ghosts, the sferics frighten them." 231; "Mondaugen listened as if it had something to say to him. It didn't." 232; "As he looked now at the cryptic pen-scrawls, he detected a regularity or patterning," 246; sferics code, 257; "The world is all that the case is," 278; cross-talk, 296; "his 'I want--" and her "Please--" collided somewhere underground in mid-circuit, came out mostly noise." 301; "complete failure of communication," 422; noise, 438; 464; "the fog of political opinion that crept in to warp what should have been clear-eyed reporting" 479; "Stencil had been interested only in information. He wasn't about to let personality enter the Situation." 479; "the subjective fog crept in to obscure his weekly reports" 479; See also entropy; paranoia; tongues

226; the passing of the soul at death into another body, human or animal.

Metropolitan Bar

14; aka "Metro"; on Strait Street (aka, the Gut) where Pappy met Paola; "Paola's bar," 431

98; site of famous WWI battle where E. Godolphin loses his face; 102

22; a small parchment scroll inscribed with Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21 and the name Shaddai and placed in a case fixed to the doorpost by Jewish families as a sign and reminder of their faith; 29

64; the south of France

Mifsud, Dr.
478; a Moderate who would be secretary of the next Assembly in Malta in June 1919

Mikolaj Rej
113; freighter on which bum on Alligator Patrol has "an eye taken by the bitter end of a hoist cable";

Provided by Jedrzej Polak (who is currently translating V. into Polish)

"Mikolaj Rej of Naglowice (1505-1569) was notable for combining medieval and Renaissance aspects. Self-educated, he was the first idiomatically Polish talent and widely read writer of his time, being known as "the father of Polish literature." He wrote satirical epigrams, but of more importance were his prose works, especially Swietych slow a spraw Panskich kronika albo Postilla (1557; "Chronicle or Comments on the Holy Words and Matters of the Lord"), a collection of Calvinist sermons, and the Zywot czlowieka poczciwego (1568; "Life of an Honest Man"), a description of an ideal nobleman." - Encyclopedia Brittanica

Italian (southern): "dick" (i.e., "penis"); also used as a general profane exclamation, similar to how "shit" is used; "Capo di minghe!" ("dickhead!"), 164; "Minghe" 166; Read on...

Miraculous Medal

19; Catholic medal that Paola wore; Miraculous Medal


eye, 23; in Shoenmaker's office, 45; "time and reverse-time," 46; "as if it had passed through the surface of a mirror, and had now to repeat in mirror-time what it had done on the side of real-time." 52; "Hardly seeming to touch the waxed mirror beneath." 67; "the mirror-fragment over the sink," 91; "There must also be a nearly imperceptible line between an eye that reflects and an eye that receives." 94; "Beneath the mirror, two golden imps in a clock danced the same unsyncopated tango they'd always danced." 96; TV, 137; "stood staring at his face in the mirror," 183; "He raised his eyes to those of his reflection with an inquiring look. The reflection smiled dolefully." 183; "watching herself undress in a mirror," 221; mirror-time, 230; "angled to reflect the interior of a room around the next corner" 238; "a bedroom lined with mirrors," 239; inverted, 245; "She sat before her vanity mirror," 250; "between mirrors and past tapestries," 253; "his view was directly into a high mirror that commanded [...] a third of the circular room." 260; "When Weissman came back into the mirror," 261; "The mirror had nothing encouraging to show him." 274; "Mafia [...] stood undressed before the mirror," 296; "Profane decided to make noises at himself in the mirror" 382; "Watching her shifty in the mirror," 383; "a whorehouse in Nice with mirrors on the ceiling," 387; In Mélanie's room "A mirror hung on the ceiling directly over the bed." 397; Mélanie "functions as a mirror [...] whoever happens to be standing in front of the mirror in the place of that wretched man. You will see the reflection of a ghost." 399; "somewhere behind the quicksilver of the mirror," 401; "The Mélanie in the mirror watched sure fingers," 402; "excited as soon as her eyes recognized the image in the mirror," 403; "Only the Mélanie in the mirror" could make Mélanie 's eyes respond, 404; "As for Mélanie, her lover had provided her with mirrors [...] with ornate frames, full-length and pocket mirrors," 408; "Mélanie watching herself in the mirror; the mirror-image perhaps contemplating V." 409; "V. needed her fetish, Mélanie a mirror," 410; explication of mirror/fetishes, 410-11; 458

Missierna li-inti fis-smewwiet, jitqaddes ismek
337; Maltese: the beginning of the "Lord's Prayer": "Our father who art in heaven, hallowed beThy name."

444; cold, dry north wind that blows over the Mediterranean; 465

Mix, Tom (1880-1940)
145; American cowboy star of Hollywood silents and early talkies

Mixolydian, Fergus

56; "the Irish Armenian Jew," "laziest living being in Nueva York" and member of Whole Sick Crew; 224; receives Ford Foundation grant, 355; 360; Etymology

Mizzi, Enrico, Dr.

458; aka "the Doctor"; "organizer, civil engineer" and "a bogeyman to Major General Hunter Blair, OAG"; Mizzists want "(a) Italian hegemony in Malta, (b) aggrandizement for the leader, Dr. Enrico Mizzi." 472; 477; 478

101; Medical Officer

Modern Seamanship
117; Knight's - the book Father Fairing took with him to the sewers; 120

191; one of S. Stencil's "chorus line" of spies; 207; "caught it" in Belgrade, 469

Mohammed Ahmed (1848-85)

84; "the Mahdi of '83"; According to Cambridge Biographical Dictionary, "He was for a time in the Egyptian Civil Service, then a slave trader, and finally a relentless and successful rebel against Egyptian rule in the Eastern Sudan. He made El Obeid his capital in 1883, and on November 5 annihilated an Egyptian army under William Hicks (Pasha). On January 26, 1885, Khartum was taken [...]" [1]; See also Fuzzy-Wuzzy; Gordon, General; Khartoum; Kitchener, Sirdar; Mahdi; Sudan

Mohammed Ali
63; Mohammed Ali (aka Mehemet) was an officer in the Albanian army who was sent to Egypt on the French invasion of 1798. He became very powerful in Egypt, became viceroy in 1805 and greatly improved the prosperity and military power of Egypt; he improved the harbor and constructed canals, his greatest being the Mahmudiyeh Canal which fertilized anew the environs of Alexandria; 65

Mondaugen, Kurt

227; German: "moon eye" (Cf. Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Part 2, Of Immaculate Perception, By Friedrich Nietzsche. This turns out to be a seemingly logical source for Kurt's name); In 1956: balding and porcine; In 1922: young, cowardly, voyeuristic, violent engineering student from Leipzig, Germany - in Südwest studying sferics (atmospheric radio disturbances); "conspiracy" with Meroving, 236, 242, 255; "Southsickness in its tertiary stage," 242; dream song, 254; "young trooper" in 1904 dreams, 263; "he quit it all" 270; 296; 445; 450; Mondaugen in Gravity's Rainbow

mons Veneris

461 Latin: "mound of Venus"; the mons pubis of the female

Monticello Hotel
21; in Norfolk, VA

394; arty section of Paris in late 19th and early 20th centuries, in north central part of the city; 400

"visited on a lunar basis," 37; "it would be lunacy, the lunacy of any self-appointed prophet," 53; moonlight, 139; "the twilit side of the moon," 141; "there was no moon" 205; "the moon's antarctic," 274; 278; 295; "cormorant [dark, rapacious] side of the moon," 320; 382; 392

Morris, Abraham
230; Messiah of Bondels who in 1922 returned illegally to Südwest from exile; his attempted arrest by van Niekerk sparked the tribal uprising; arrested, 232; 277

See matriarch/mothers

Mott Street
143; in New York; basement club where Profane catches up with Lucille is there

413; a little grimace, pout

285; a mold of an object

Mt. Ruwenzori
307; The Ruwenzori mountain range is in east central Africa; mostly crystalline rocks in contrast to many African ranges which are of volcanic origin; 321

67; Muslim crier who calls the hour of daily prayers

237; civilian clothes

89; boy who works at bierhalle sweeping the floor


"old street singer with a guitar," 9-10; boatswain's pipe, 15; "the sizzle of chang music," 23; "Rodgers and Hammerstein in 3/4 time," 29; jazz, 35; "raving merengues or baións," 38; "clobbering polyrhythmic," 38; "Brauhaus music," 45; Schoenberg's quartets, 57; "sixths and minor fourths," 59; Italian opera, 65; "a trio from Port Said (dulcimer, Nubian drum, reed pipe)", 85; "a leitmotif of disease," 90; opera, 91; Bach, 92; Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture, 95; physics of, 95-96; Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, 124; "plucking listlessly at a p'ip'a and chanting," 130; "music from the bandstands [...] Popular songs, operas." 138; "flashing gold and silver of instruments on the bandstand," 140; "'It doesn't have any beat.'" 141; "rock 'n' roll on the jukebox" 143; " boys' choir on a brilliant mauve cloud," 144; singing girl in Florence, 191, 194, 199; viola da gamba, 196, 198; Florentine factory that makes musical instruments for devotees of music of the Renaissance and Middle Ages (rebecs, shawms, theorbos), 195; Mozart, 200, 203; "three rambling musicians. . .playing sentimental airs," 201; accordian, 203, 238, 275, 278; "the wheeze of the band",203; "accordian, fiddle and guitar were playing a tango full of minor chords," 238; schottische (a round dance like a slow polka), 239; "to ragtime accompaniment ," 240; "hot jazz from somewhere overhead" 243; "catcy, rather syncopated fox-trot tune," 249; McClintic Sphere, 280; fakebooks, 291; stochastic, 292; "hot jazz band," 309; "music from a gramophone," 320; "Leaves of all trees [...] began to scrape at one another [...] Music enough," 335; trombone, 360; rock 'n' roll, 360; "maracas, claves, timbales," 363; musician, 366; baión rhythm, 369; concert soprano, 382; zither, 396; African polyrhythms, 402; "fifty jazz enthusiasts," 419; "unemployed musicologist," 419; "Fascist music-lovers," 419; "trumpet and guitar," 433; "shook the spit out of his horn," 434; jazz saxophone, 454; See also music-hall/vaudeville; songs; tango

music hall/vaudeville

"The two were music-hall entertainers, seeking jobs in a grand vaudeville," 65; "England's vaudeville circuits," 70; "I have seen this all twenty years ago in a music hall." 185; "a music-hall comedian" 189; "Soft-shoe Sidney," 189; Satin humming, 396; "a succession of music-hall stages," 468; "old soft-shoe artist," 468; See also Rowley-Bugge, Maxwell

84; in Cairo

Mussolini, Benito (1883-1945)
241; Italian general and dictator who formed a fascist government in Italy in the 1920s; 473

463; Turkish pasha who laid siege to Malta with Dragut and Piali; 464; The Great Siege


  1. Magnusson, Magnus, KBE, Cambridge Biographical Dictionary, Cambridge University Press, 1990

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