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Uffizi Gallery

162; in Sala di Lorenzo Monaco in Florence, where Botticelli's The Birth of Venus hangs; 177; 212

Ulyanov (1870-1924)
405; aka Vladimir Lenin; Russian revolutionary and guiding force in the 1917 take over by the Soviets (councils of workers, soldiers and peasants)

Umberto I (1844-1900)
195; Became king of Italy in 1878. Was assassinated in Monza.


"shuttling back and forth underneath 42nd Street," 37; "Under the street. You don't see anything down there." 42; "'Under the street,' Profane repeated after a minute: 'under the Street.'" 42; "Profane would see some of them [with disfigured faces] under the street." 99; "It is this way with sewer stories. They just are." 120; "Profane was coming to feel a stranger to the world downstairs" 146; "He was king of the subway [...] dreaming his own submarine country," 215; "a writhing perhaps of damned in some underworld" 244; 301; 303; 318; "every civilian with a soul was underground" 323; 325; sewer, 325; "underground society," 331; "The children got about Valletta by their private routes, mostly underground." 332; sewer, 332; "How many times have you told me about under the street, and on the street, and in the subway?" 358; tunnel in Malta, 454; See also toilet adventures; Venusbergs

Un' gazz'!
194; contraction of "uno cazzo" which is the southern Italian pronunciation of a profane exclamation which literally means "dick" but used like "shit!"

un gran colpo
194; Italian: "a big blow" or "a big strike"

93; "Their feet crush unicorns and peacocks that repeat diamond-fashion the entire length of the carpet."; "benevolent unicorn" 188; Unicorns & Peacocks in Myth & Legend


235; of South Africa, established in 1908; 251; 275; 291; Map of Südwest

Union Jack
169; the Union Jack has been the official flag of the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland since 1801; bar in Valletta, 433


251; "nearest large town in the Union [of South Africa]"; Map of Südwest

USS Mammoth Cave
375; moored next to Scaffold in Norfolk, VA

USS Scaffold
11; destroyer docked in Norfolk, VA; toured Mediterranean in 1955 (218); in Valletta, 424-27; propeller damaged in Straits of Messina, 432

Alpha Nav

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