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Fabian Society
166; founded in 1884 by small group of middle-class intellectuals to propagate evolutionary socialism

66; person having diverse responsibilities; servant; 393

Fairing, Father Linus, S.J. (Society of Jesus)

Fairing's Parish, 117; "the old man sat preaching to a congregation of rats with saints' names" 120; predecessor of Father Avalanche in Malta, 449; 450; 470; working for S. Stencil/F.O. during June Disturbances, 479; "we do not control the world in secret" 479; transferred to America, 481

Falange, Baby Face
373; "the snipe [contemptable person]"; machinist mate striker on USS Scaffold; Pinguez's buddy, 432

464; a latter-day jongleur (a travelling medieval entertainer skilled in juggling, acrobatics, music and recitation) who "resided at the Auberge of Aragon, Catalonia and Navarre at the time of the Siege" [Each of the nine nations of the Order had its own 'auberge' or house of assembly]; Mara was "his Lady";

123; Winsomes' cat - "Siamese, gray and neurotic"

231; German: "carnival"; "the mad German Carnival or Mardi Gras that ends the day before Lent begins"; 234; 236; 243; 277; 279

fasci di combatimento
484; organized around Milan in 1919; led by B. Mussolini; La Manganese backs them

242; Fascist, 419


85; town (now Kodok) in southeast Sudan, 400 miles south of Khartoum on the White Nile river, "Far up the Bahr-el-Abyad, in the heathen jungle"; it was founded by the Egyptian government in 1867; In July 1898, French General Marchand, coming from the West Coast of Africa, occupied Fashoda in an attempt to control the Upper Nile. Britain, which controlled the area, threatened war and the French withdrew. The next year, the Sudan became an Anglo-Egyptian condominium; 89-93; 106; 166; 189; 386

Fat Clyde
424; gunner's mate third on Scaffold; from Winnetka; real name: Harry

154; famous dentist

Fazzo, Harvey
299; pianist at party in French Town

Feast of San' Ercole dei Rinoceronti
138; held on March 15 on Mulberry Street in Little Italy

444; Italian: "phoenix"; long-defrocked monk friend of H. Stencil's who breeds giant scorpions in marble cages; Etymology

Ferguson, Chain
140; hero in a Western


195; absinthe drinking neo-Machiavellian in Florence, assigned to "Venezuelan problem"


"love for an object," 23; "all the sponsor-fetishes of [the TV] industry," 56; "English fetish of respectability," 65; "garbed underneath [...] with as many fetishes as she could afford," 109; "All the inglesi he knew seemed to have a fetish about playing cricket." 181; "attired in various inanimate costumes and fetishes," 221; fétiche, 395; "She was writing ma fétiche, in black-rimmed holes." 403; "Do you know what a fetish is? Something of a woman which gives pleasure but is not a woman. " 404; "certain fetishes never have to be touched or handled at all; only seen, for there to be complete fulfillment." 408; "V. needed her fetish, Mélanie a mirror," 410; V. "recognized [...] the fetish of Mélanie and the fetish of herself to be one." 410; "If V. suspected her fetishism at all to be part of any conspiracy leveled against the animate world, any sudden establishment here of a colony of the Kingdom of Death [...] " 411; "journeying even deeper into a fetish country until she became [...] an inanimate object of desire." 411; "let her turn to a fetish, let her die" 412; "she might have become confused in this fetish-world," 414; See also inanimate

212; horse-driven coach

Fiesta Lounge
22; bar at Schlozhauer's Trocadero

Figli di Machiavelli

179; Venezuelan colony organized by the Gaucho; 202; 207

See Mendoza, Josefina

"one fingernail touched his face," 26; "dead fingernails in the living shoulderblades," 214; "a fingernail he could feel already gliding across his back, poised to dig in frenzied when she should come" 217; "a quick touch of fingernails," 217; "fingers with dirty nails clutching like talons the sun-reddened stems of their wine goblets" 275; "If [...] a fingernail is torn away, am I any less alive and determined?" 319; "Her nails, broken from burying the dead, had been digging into the bare part of my arm [...] My own nails fastened in reply." 336; "stabbed by my fingernails," 337; "We had used our dead fingernails only to swage quick flesh" 337; "having just broken a fingernail," 354; "gone yellow with dead scalp," 384; "thumbnail dossier," 472; "whose face she was flaying with pointed fingernails" 487

Fink, The
69; restaurant in Place Mohammed Ali in Alexandria

258; "a lovely mare" given to Mondaugen (in his dreams of 1904 - 262); Firelily's "overseer," 262; Firelily the Bondel, 265; Etymology

201; Italian: Florence

First Time I Got Laid, The
219; one of Pig's porno radio productions while with Task Force 60 in the Mediterranean


242; aka Rijeka; city and port in northwest Yugoslavia in Croatia; in 1919 D'Annunzio, with an unofficial Italian army, seized and held Fiume, despite the Allies, and ruled as dictator until he was removed by the Italian government in 1920. On January 27, 1924, Fiume was ceded to Italy by an Italo-Yugoslav pact. 247; "his peak of virtú: Fiume!" 248; "political hallucinations on a live mass, a real human population," 248; Read on...; See also D'Annunzio, Gabriele;

Five Flies
452; a restaurant in Amsterdam, on the Spuistraat (the end down near the Spui itself, not the end near the train station), which has been there, according to Don Lawson, since the 15th or 16th century. According to Don, it serves traditional Dutch food which he says excellent. As it currently exists, Five Flies is a pricey, get-dressed-up kind of place. In GR, it's where Brenda was to meet a "purser [one who takes care of passengers] from the academic flatlands of Jersey"

Five Towns
25; where Rachel Owlglass is from, on south shore of Long Island

379; the Sculptor in Profane's old neighborhood

218; the sudden emergency or priority use of a communication line

259; German: "flesh"; Mondaugen's comrade in his dreams

Flip and Flop

418; two girls Pig and Profane meet in Washington, D.C.


19; National Liberation Front in Algeria, a revolutionary independence movement, engaged in a guerilla war with French forces from 1954 until the signing of the Evian Accord in March 1962. After the ceasefire, elections were held and Algeria gained full independence from France (which had controlled Algeria since 1902). See also Algeria

Flood of 1801


156-212; ancient city and capital of the Firenzi province, Toscana region, Italy, located on the River Arno and surrounded by the foothills of the Appno Tosco-Emilliano; See also Medici; Savonarola

52; British Foreign Office; 54;166;181; 183; 468; 469; 480


230; owns farm/plantation ("expatriate social life") "in the northern district, between the Karas range and marches [border regions; frontiers; esp. a district originally set up to defend a boundary] of the Kalahari"; Boer, 231; "villa" 234; "Tonight we enter a state of siege." 234; Siege Party, 235; planetarium, 239; "agent of [von Trotha's] will," 240; "siege party's demon," 255; his story, 265-74; 275-76; 296


427; U.S. Navy battleship

Forked Yu
380; New York bar/hang-out for Whole Sick Crew

Fort St. Angelo

456; on the tip of the peninsula on which Vittoriosa is situated on Malta in the Grand Harbour; Baedeker's: "Originally built by the Moors in 870 and renewed in 1530, which in the siege of 1565 proved the chief bulwark of Borgo [Birgù]." Between 1530 and 1576 it was the headquarters of the Order of St. John and during the Great Siege it bore the brunt of the Turkish attacks after the fall of St. Elmo. After 1576 it became the state prison of the Order. After 1903 it was the headquarters of the British Navy; Map of Malta

Fort St. Elmo

457; on the tip of the peninsula on which Valletta is located; Baedeker's: "Fort St. Elmo, originally built in 1488 but now entirely altered, fell into the hands of the Turks in 1565"; 464; 492; Map of Malta


"waiting for a coincidence" 56; "at the mercy of Fortune" 57; "accident or design," 78; "Events between soul and soul are not God's direct province: they are under the influence either of Fortune, or of virtue." 78; "wheel of Fortune," 139; "Ah, che fortuna" ["Ah, what fortune"],194; 199; "pure chance" 215; "life's single lesson: that there is more accident to it than a man can ever admit to in a lifetime and stay sane." 321; "one more mighty accident," 322; "the river Fortune," 325; "God has suspended the laws of chance" 330; "a wheel, this diagram: Fortune's wheel" 338; "Fortune's yo-yo had returned to some reference point" 367; "father and mother to everyone," 389; "her girl's faith that Fortune [...] could be brought under control" 410; "pure accident," 432; "Fortune, may Stencil be steady enough not to fasten on one of these poor ruins [...]" 447; "Could any of them create a coincidence?" 450; "An inconstant goddess," 457; chance, 470; "Who knows how many thousand accidents--a variation in the weather, the availability of a ship, the failure of a crop--brought all these people, with their separate dreams and worries, here to this island [...]" 483; "The inert universe may have a quality we can call logic. But logic is a human attribute after all; so even at that it's a misnomer. What are real are the cross-purposes." 484; See also paranoia; Principe, Il; virtú; Pynchon's Entropy; Il Principe, VII

Four Aces
430; bar on Strait Street in Valletta

Fra Angelico (c.1400-1455)
201; Italian painter born in Vicchio in Tuscany; some of his best frescoes are in the Florentine convent of San Marco

Franco-Prussian War
459; war in 1870-71 - Prussia invaded France

French Town
298; resort in Massachusetts

Freud, Sigmund (1856-1939)
psychodontia: "Back around the turn of the century, psychoanalysis had usurped from the priesthood the role of father-confessor." 153; "bushy Freudian hermaphrodite symbols," 219; "Make Freudian scenes in New Orleans," 224; neurasthenic, 261; "in the Freudian period of history," 407; "to Freudian, behaviorist, man of religion, no matter," 411; "a flirting with castration, though ideas like this are inevitable in a latrine-oriented (as well as Freudian) psychology" 436

259; in Norse mythology, god of fruitfulness, crops, sun and rain. His horse was named "Bloodyhoof."


51; member of Whole Sick Crew; 125; 224; 295; 300; The I Ching Connection

Fuoco, Il'

247; semi-autobiographical novel written by D'Annunzio in 1900 about him and Duse in which Duse is portrayed rather unflatteringly; /pynchon/v/extra/passages.html#duse">"nor selling her jewels to suppress the novel about her" 248; See also D'Annunzio, Gabriele; Duse, Eleonora

Fulton Fish Market


This was the derogatory term used by the British for the Sudanese muslims (referring to their hair which was kinky) who were unified under the leadership of Mohammed Ahmed ibn Abdalla, who had declared himself the Mahdi (the "expected one"). Resisting the British forces who were aiding the Egyptians in their attempts to control southern Sudan, the "Mahdists" defeated the British at Khartoum in 1885 but were finally defeated by Lord Kitchener in 1898. Their bravery against the British, using spears against the British firearms, was memorialzed in Rudyard Kipling's poem "Fuzzy-Wuzzy". There's also a mention of Fuzzy-Wuzzies in Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow; "an artisan among the Mahdists" who carved V.'s ivory comb, 167 (See also p.83); See also Gordon, General; ivory comb; Khartoum; Kitchener, Sirdar; Mohammed Ahmed; Mahdi; Sudan; Wikipedia

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