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Nameless Horror
459; "the sudden prodigy sprung on the world unaware" (WWI); (contradiction, eh?)


269; waterless and barren desert of drifting sand which runs along the entire coast of Südwest at an average width of 75 miles; Map of Malta

Nasser, Gamal Abdel (1918-70)

435; Egyptian political leader and president of the United Arab Republic; born in Alexandria; "urging a sort of economic jihad [holy war]," 436; See also Suez Canal

National Socialist German Workers' Party

242; aka Nazi party; fascist party which controlled Germany from 1933 to 1945 under Adolph Hitler


461; Greek heroine in the Odyssey, she took the shipwrecked Odysseus to meet her father Alcinous, king of the Phaiakes who lived on the island of Sheria, near Ithaki (now Corfu). Alcinous received him kindly. Odysseus was placed in a deep sleep and, in a magic ship, taken home to Ithaca and his faithful wife Penelope. See also Odysseus

392; homosexual in bushes in Central Park

Nerf, Le
395; French: "The Nerve"; cabaret in Paris where rehearsals for Rape of the Chinese Virgins are held and where Mélanie is staying; 407; 409

Newport News
17; town in Virginia where Teflon lives; 21

Niekerk, van, Sgt.
232; German who arrests Morris in Südwest

Night Train
280; early 60s James Brown song


anarchy: 66-67; Nothing's dawn, 67; "Nothing was coming. Nothing was already here." 85; League of the Red Sunrise, 157; "'Nothing,' Godolphin whispered. "It was Nothing I saw." 204; "gaudy dream of annihilation" 206, 210; "How pleasant to watch Nothing." 487; See also anarchist

78; wife of Waldetar

11; naval operations base; 32

Nobel, Alfred (1833-96)
324; Swedish chemist who invented dynamite, and the founder of the Nobel prizes

No Popery man
479; anti-Catholic


and Charlie ("Bird") Parker, 60; "Come out of that costume box, that cheerless past." 73; "a great temporal homesickness for the decade we were born in," 148; "the days of von Trotha are back again" 233; "It could be 1904 again." 237; "nostalgic scenes of a Rhine valley which never existed" 239; "he seemed under compulsion somehow to recreate the Deutsch-Südwestafrika of nearly twenty years ago," 240; "Of course I'm living in the past. I was there." 241; "Herr Foppl has ordered all the ladies to dress and make up as they would have done in 1904." 250; "Bravo for '04 again" 266; "it took him temporarily away from nostalgia," 270; "Profane, whose time scale was skewed toward the past," 285, "who can hear [...] vehicles in the street when one is occupied with the past?" 307; "Porcépic, nostalgic, snuffled over his guitar." 403; Mehemet's, 459; "Stencil did indeed feel a tug" 465; "the feathery tentacles of a nostalgia" 475; "there is a tremendous nostalgia about this show [...] The pain of a return home." 476; "'A tremendous nostalgia about this show.' [...] Nostalgia and melancholy . . . Hadn't he bridged two worlds?" 481; "nostalgic melancholy is a fine emotion, becoming blunted on alcohol." 481; "nostalgic hush," 487; "It could only be age's worst side-effect: nostalgia. A tilt toward the past so violent he found it increasingly difficult to live in the real present" 488-89;See also entropy; hothouse


464; aka Citta Vecchia aka Mdina (Arabic for "town"), on Malta. Baedeker: "Was the old fortified capital of the island as far back as the Roman age." Map of Malta

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