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I Banditti
484; "a gang of terrorists or professional assassins" who are suspected of murdering Dupiro in Marsamuscetto; 491

97; The son of Daedalus, he flew with his father from Crete but, despite his father's warnings he flew too high and close to the sun, the wax which held his wings' feathers melted and Icarus fell into the Aegean Sea; Wikipedia

118; rat disciple of Father Fairing's, in New York sewers

II Comitato Patriottico
472; one of the three Mizzist "clubs"; See also Mizzi, Dr. Enrico

11; mine sweeper on which Ploy is an engineman


ships, 20; Pig and his Harley, 22; love for an object (Da Conho's gun and Rachel's MG), 23; almost killed by, 24; "Inanimate things could do what they wanted. Not what they wanted because things do not want; only men." But things do what they do..." 26; Rachel loving her MG, 28-29; Profane "in the guts of something inanimate," 32; "inanimate objects and [Profane] could not live in peace." 37; "The girl lived proper nouns. Persons, places. No things." 52; Fergus M. as extension of T.V. set, 56; "He decided public servants weren't human." 68; colonial doll, 73; clockwork doll, 65, 80; automata, 70; "Anything that can get drunk...must have some soul." 78; animate statues, 78, 437-38; Bongo-Shaftsbury as automaton, 80-81; "see him as a person and not a symbol," 81; "It happens, nothing else," 82; the desert, 82-84; "How could you say they were people; they were money," 84; "One accepts his partner as one does any tool," 87; E. Godolphin's reconstructed face, 100; Schoenmaker "no more animate than the spanners and screwdrivers he handled" 100; "If alignment with the inanimate is the mark of a Bad Guy," 101; "the highest condition we can attain is that of an object--a rock." 106; "inanimate callouses slapping inanimate goatskin," 135; "Why couldn't he be just another object of mercy?" 137; "millions of inanimate objects being produced brand-new every week" 148; "The enamel, mostly calcium, is inanimate." 153; "Brave things." 169; "a caprice of the inanimate world" 193; "The leaves of trees whipped to and fro like tiny automata." 205; "a mockery of life, planted where everything but Hugh Godolphin was inanimate." 206; Mantissa's love of Botticelli's Venus and its "gorgeous surface," 209; "anybody who worked for inanimate money so he could buy more inanimate objects was out of his head. Inanimate money was to get animate warmth," 214; "Everyone else was at peace with some machine or other." 215; "Inanimate schmuck, inanimate paper, pure chance." 215; windup woman, 216; "depositing applications like an automatic card-dealing machine." 217; Paola "had the passive look of an object of sadism, something to be attired in various inanimate costumes," 221; 230; Foppl's planetarium, 239; "comforts of Science...glacial and few," 251; "'Lost or taken?' out loud to his inert equipment," 258; operational sympathy, 261, 270; "I call it [a Bondel] Firelily," 265; "Community may have been the only solution possible against such an assertion of the Inanimate." 272; "enemies that would be with him to the grave: a sun with no shape, a beach alien as the moon's antarctic...salt mists, alkaline earth, the Benguela Current...the inertia of rock," 274; "dehumanized and aloof," 279; pear tree "works like a machine yet is animate." 282; "first inanimate schlemihl," 285; "what had been its inanimate own were taking revenge" 285; "Randolph Scott...Master of the inanimate." 288; litany of mass deaths, 290; electricity, 292; metal teeth, 298, 412; "How could you kiss an object?" 300; "Fausto III had taken on much of the non-humanity of the debris, crushed stone, broken masonry, destroyed churches and auberges of his city." 307; Fausto "meant only to live at the threshold of consciousness, only to exist as a hardly animate lump of flesh, an automaton." 309; "From the quick to the inanimate." 320; "a clear movement toward...non-humanity" 321; "Caesar the inanimate," 322; "signs of lovely inanimateness in the world around him" 322; "a universal sin among the false-animate or unimaginative to refuse to let well enough alone" 323; "Manhood on Malta thus became increasingly defined in terms of rockhood." 325; "[The children's] view of death was non-human." 332; "the predominance of human attributes applied to the inanimate" 337; "be like a crystal," 340; Bad Priest's disassembly, 342-344; "inanimate buddies from Detroit" 357; "inanimate tires," 358; "unwilling to see her proved inanimate as the rest," 359; "still as any object," 364; "He'd forgotten about the inanimate world and any law of retribution." 368; "I'm the one that loves bums," 369; "Nothing inanimate," 371; "he wandered automatic...through this field of inanimate food," 379; "you were an accessory...you'd fall apart sooner than the car," 383; "inanimate schmuck," 384; "inanimate line, antenna, building," 390; automata playing Su Feng's handmaidens, 396; "dance for automata," 400; "inanimate mechanical [sexual] aids," 408; "Dead at last [lovers who die] would be one with the inanimate universe and with each other...Love-play...thus becomes an impersonation of the inanimate," 410; V. as automaton, 411; "inanimate audio system," 419; "a band-pass filter...Inanimate." 436; animate statues, 437-38; "an initial and a few dead objects" 445; "all his homes were temporary and even they, inanimate, still wandering as he" 453; Astarte "inanimate figurehead" 457; "The inert universe may have a quality we can call logic." 484; "this dark room almost creeping with amassed objects," 487; "an obsession with bodily incorporating little bits of inert matter... 'See my lovely shoes. . .I would so like to have an entire foot that way, a foot of amber and gold, with the veins, perhaps, in intaglio instead of bas-relief. How tiresome to have the same feet" 488; S. Stencil "like some obsolete nautical fixture" 492; See also death; entropy; fetish; Great Lie; mirror

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120; island of the west coast of Scotland, famous as the site of the monastery founded by St. Columba in the 6th century.

Ionesco, Eugène (1912-94)
380; Romanian-born French playwrite who wrote short surrealistic plays


249; V.'s aunt in H. Godolphin's song. In classical legend, Iphigenia was the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra.

45; Schoenmaker's nurse/secretary/receptionist

243; river which runs through Munich in southern Germany

443; small island off the coast of Italy near Naples in the Mediterranean; the main town is also called Ischia.

Isle of Man
419; island in British Isles in the Irish Sea

Ismailiyeh Canal
85; in Cairo

Itague, M.

395; produced Rape of the Chinese Virgins in Paris

Italia irredenta
242; the name given by Italians, between 1861 and 1920, to those Italian areas still under foreign rule

ivory comb

with 5 helmeted, crucified British army soldiers' heads/faces, made by a Mahdist artisian (Fuzzy-Wuzzy) to commemorate the crucifictions of '83 near Khartoum ("zones of human crucified," 53); w/Victoria Wren, 166-67, 172, 200-01, 209, 488; w/Bad Priest, 342, 445; pith helmet with Greek letters, 355; "crucified English corpses," 388; crucified, 401; w/Paola M., 443; given to Poppy by Paola, 442-43; w/Veronica Manganese, 486, 488; helmeted heads, 65, 185; See also V.

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