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458; Officer Administrating Government, in Malta; 471

431; Officer Candidate School - school to become a military officer

"smelled of fried octopus" 173; Ferrante's squid, 195; "fingers of god" 247; "stacked into a tentacle crawling along the sea" 270; "quadruply-amputated octopus" 390; tentacles, 397; "the feathery tentacles of a nostalgia" 475


461; king of Ithaca and hero of Homer's Odyssey, the great voyage tale of the ancient world. The Odyssey tells the tale of Odysseus' return home from the Trojan War. He encounters, among other things, a Cyclops (there are a number of one-eyed ones in V., including V. herself), the great witch Circe, Scylla and Charybdis (as difficult a navagation as the Hothouse and the Street), the Sirens, and the underworld (journeys to which are often undertaken in V. ). He eventually gets back to Ithaca and his wife Penelope who has been fending off numerous suitors. See also Charybdis; Nausicaä; Scylla

O'Leary, Peter
139; clean-living old school chum of Geronimo's

372; officer of the deck; 432; 442

394; the Théâtre nationale de l'Opéra in Paris

54; seaport in northern Algeria, under French rule from 1831 to 1962; it was a point of landing for a large part of the Allied forces during World War II.

Orange river

231; forms the southern border of Südwest with South Africa; Map of Südwest

412; a fascination in the arts and culture with things "oriental"

orris root
296; fragrant rootstalk of any of several European irises used in perfume

Other Wall
273; "the engineering design for a world [Mondaugen] knew with numb leeriness nothing could now keep from becoming reality [...] a design whose first fumbling sketches he thought must have been done the year after Jacob Marengo died [...]"

Outlandish Records
124; the record company for which Roony is an executive; Sphere's contract with, 223

Owlglass, Rachel

22; from the Five Towns on Long Island; alma mater: Bennington; 4'10" tall redhead; meets Benny for the first time, 23; loves her MG, 28-29; roommate of Esther and Paola (51); works in employment agency in New York, 29; "personnel girl at a downtown employment agency" 44 45; with Shoenmaker, 44-49; 127; working at Space/Time Agency , 216; meets Benny for the second time, 216; Jewish, 222; and Roony, 283; 288; 300; 349; 355; "field-of-two", 368; "envelope of peace," 356, 368; at Idlewild airport, 363-64; Etymology

Owlglass, Stuyvesant
22; Rachel's father; 358

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