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77; conductor of train that runs between Alexandria and Cairo; born in Portugal

Walden Pond
350; pond in northeast Massachussetts where the American essayist and poet Henry David Thoreau (1817-62) lived and worked; 352

"Wars begin in August," 301


229; city near the southern border of Südwest; 232; Map of Südwest


257; town in Südwest about 100 miles north of Windhoek; site of decisive battle in August 1904 between Germans and Hereros; Map of Südwest;


flying, 16; "a triangular wedge of septum," 108; "force a wedge into the Triple Alliance," 196; "that silly wedge of German earth," 259; "Wedged under a fallen beam," 341; "wedged her way into the kitchen," 355; See also V.; v-shapes; Wedge, Duke

Wedge, Duke

27; "pimpled bravo from the Chelsea district" who is bunkmate of Profane's

Weissmann, Lieutenant
236; at Foppl's villa; in drag, 260; decodes sferics, 277-78

89; bartender at bierhalle north of Ezbekiyeh Garden

Westside flophouse
222; Crew's name for Winsome's and Mafia's apartment

White Goddess, The

61; book on mythology by Robert Graves, published in 1948; V. and the Goddess]

53; Britain's center for government in London. Eponymically named for Whitehall Palace which was located there but burned down in the late 17th century; 458; 469; 470; 473; "Whitehall's inscrutable purposes," 486; "every city Whitehall has called me to" 487

White Nile
67; aka Bahr-el-Abiad, flows from Victoria Nyanza (Lake Victoria) and is joined at Khartoum by the Blue Nile, aka Bahr el-Azrek, which has its source in the Abssynian Mountains

Whole Sick Crew, The

35; "a crowd of disaffected": Raoul, Slab, Melvin, Fergus, Rachel, Esther, Winsome, Pig, Profane, Charisma, Fu, Mafia; centered at pad of Raoul, Slab and Melvin; wooing Profane, 225; all talk, 297-98; rollicking, 302; 347; 353; assessed by Winsome, 360-61; at Idlewild airport, 362-64; party busted, 364-65; "Crew does not live, it experiences" 380; Rollicking Boys (Stencil & Profane), 415

Why Our X.O. Is Queer
219; one of Pig's porno radio productions while with Task Force 60 in the Mediterranean

Wideawake Hat
wideawake hat

AKA "Quaker Hat" - worn between @1720 - 1817; Victoria Wren's uncle from Australia with wideawake hat, 72; "God wore a wideawake hat" 73; the Gaucho in, 161; "a drunken soldier in a wideawake hat who carried a Mauser" 262

Wigglesworth, Brenda

452; American WASP in Valletta who attended Beaver College, with whom Profane dallies; "I am the twentieth century," 454; See also tourism

Wijk, Willem van
229; minor extremity of the administration in Windhoek in 1922; dead, 279


229; capital of Südwest; 235; Map of Südwest

Winsome, Gouveneur ("Roony") (b. 1923)
123; "an intellectual" who owns Outlandish Records; 150; 217; wants Paola, 223; 283; 348; crisis of the spirit, 359 62; 416

Winthrop, Matilda
281; runs rooming house in Harlem where Ruby-Paola lives; 291; 300; 349

232; "homicidally disposed"; One of the five tribes of Orlams who crossed the Orange into Südwest from South Africa in the early 19th century. They were originally known as the Khowesin or Queen Bees under Kido Witbooi, but later became known as the Witboois, led by Hendrik Witbooi.

Wittgenstein, Ludwig Josef Johann (1889-1951)

380; Austrian-born British philosopher whose highly influential works dealt with mathematics and with language. He served with the Austrian army in WWI and was taken prisoner on the Italian front in 1918; "The world is all that the case is," 278; song, 288-89; See also Tractatus; Wikipedia; Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus


355; Wobbly is slang for a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.), a former international labor organization favoring socialism and the abolition of the wage system; See also Hill, Joe

Wren, Mildred (b. 1888)
68; V's sister; "myopic and stocky," 71; 80; 166

Wren, Sir Alastair
64; Victoria's widowed father; 166; 388; Under The Rose

Wren, Victoria (b. 1880)

[reine (pronounced "wren") = Fr. "queen" - thus, Queen Victoria?]
64; "A balloon-girl," 67; "left the novitiate," 72; uncle from Australia with wideawake hat, 72; with Porpentine ("young girl in a flowered dress" + 94), 92; the girl in the tram, 158; "late of Lardwick-in-the-Fen," 166; "By prudent saving Victoria had amassed some £400 from a wine merchant in Antibes, a Polish cavalry lieutenant in Athens, an art dealer in Rome; she was in Florence now to negotiate the purchase of a small couturière's establishment on the left bank." 166; her ivory comb, 166-67, 172, 200, 209; "latent talent [...] for espionage," 198; "embodying a feminine principle," 209; "being gradually replaced by V." 410; Etymological musings

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