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See Royal Air Force

Raft, George (1895-1980)
148; American tough guy of gangster films

462; ancient Mediterranean warship

Rainier, Prince, III (1923-2005)

225; In 1950, he succeeded his grandfather, Louis II, as 26th ruling prince of the House of Grimaldi which dates from 1297. In 1956 he married Grace Kelly. They produced Prince Albert (b. 1958), Princess Caroline (b. 1957) and Princess Stephanie (b.1965); See also Kelly, Grace; Wikipedia

35; "television writer" (360) and one of The Whole Sick Crew; lives with Slab and Melvin; described, 56; 347; 360

Rape of the Chinese Virgins, The
See L'Enlèvement des Vierges Chinoises

176; Venezuelan Consul-General in Florence; Salazar's chief

253; German: "a secondary school with scientific emphasis"

271; aka Jesus Christ; 453

Rehoboth Bastards

259; Bridgman: "the Basters [from "bastard"] were a half-caste people [...] from legally recognized and religiously consecrated unions between Dutch men and Hottentot women. The Basters spoke Dutch and proudly carried Dutch names." [1]; MORE; 262;

Renaissance, The
157; Studies in the History of the Renaissance (1883) was written by Walter Horatio Pater (1839-94), English critic and essayist. He was associated with the pre-Raphaelites, a brotherhood of artists formed in England in 1848 to restore the artistic principles and practices characteristic of art before the Italian painter Raphael (1483-1520)


"retreat into abstractions" 310; "Retreat, then, into religious abstraction. Retreat also into poetry" 315; "to come to a halt, about-face and toil back along his own retreat's path; back towards the real world" 316; "his poetry began to show the same 'retreat from retreat'."317; "Again the classic response: retreat." 319; "a bugle to play retreat" 375; "this loathsome weakness of retreat into dreams" 459; "a retreat into late-afternoon melancholy," 489;See also history; nostalgia

45; French: "turned up"; 103

Reuther, Walter (1907-1970)

112; American labor leader and one of the founders of the United Auto Workers (UAW) for which he was president from 1946 to 1970. He was a vocal opponent of the communist wing of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) to which which the UAW belonged. He was president of the CIO in 1952 and worked for the merger with the AFL in 1955, but in 1968 he led the UAW out of the AFL-CIO because of differences with George Meany.

Revere Beach
350; "that's public beach now where slobs from Boston who'd be at Revere Beach except for too many other slobs like themselves already there [...]"

r-f energy
377; radio frequency (those frequencies used for radio communications, viz. about ten kilocycles per second or over)

459; Greek island in Aegean Sea, largest in the Dodecanese


457; town located at the mouth of the Grand Harbour opposite Valletta; [[Map of Malta]

Riesman, David (1909-2002 )
354; American sociologist and educator. He taught at the University of Chicago from 1946 to 1958 and at Harvard from 1958 to 1980. Probably best known for the book The Lonely Crowd which he co-authored in 1950. Wikipedia

Rimbaud, Arthur (1854-91)
388; French poet who used childhood, dream and mystical images to express dissatisfaction with the material world and a spiritual yearning

Rire, Le
407; French: "the laughter"

"Ritrati diversi"
209; corridor where Botticelli's Venus is hung on the western wall

Robert, Louis Phillipe
393; duc d'Orleans, the current Pretender in 1913

"He had been short and built like the island of Malta itself: rock, an inscrutible heart." 19; abandoned quarry, 24; "Only this quarry: the dead rocks that were here before us and will be after us." 26; Profane "tripped over a rock," 42; "The younger girl produced from her reticule a rock," 68; "toss imaginary rocks about," 82; "bones that should be alive, not rock rods under the flesh," 86; "a faceless delinquent heaved a rock at [the bus]," 96; "This mineral period ended," 100; "What religion is it [...] where the highest condition we can attain is that of an object--a rock." 106; "creatures all at peace among the rocks," 215; "She was sitting in the rockery [rock garden] with old Godolphin." 246; "after braining an inquisitive goldfish with a rock" 248; stonemason, 261; "tossed what was left behind a rock for the vultures and flies." 263; "sleek dark rocks," 270; "huddled among some rocks," 275; "the gray of pulverized rock," 275; "the non-humanity of the debris, crushed stone," 307; "as the Ark was to Noah so is the inviolable womb of our Maltese rock to her children" 318; "stone and metal cannot nourish," 335; "Seek mineral symmetry, for here is eternal life: the immortality of rock." 340; "in that return from the rock was nothing to confess." 345; rock 'n' roll, 360; "they found a rock near a stream," 391; "'Rocks [...] He always looks for rocks." 430; "The characteristic stillness [...] of the rock. Inertia." 445; "Ask the rock." 451; See also entropy; inanimate

112; on rat patrol

256, 330, 333, 430

125; 244; 295; 296; 302; 329; 371; 380; 382; 415; 477; 481

462; one of two privateers who "captured a galleon belonging to the chief eunich of the Imperial Seraglio" in 1565

84; in Cairo

Rosebery, Earl of (1847-1929)
166; Scottish statesman

Route 66
433; blues tune ("Get your kicks on Route 66") played by Chobb and Zippo at Union Jack in Valletta

routinization of charisma
mosaic v. grid, 139; "If a season like the Great Rebellion ever came to him again [...] it could never be in that same personal, random array of picaresque acts [...] but rather with a logic that chilled the comfortable perversity of the heart, that substituted capability for character, deliberate scheme for political epiphany" 273; "to begin with optimism" 310; "Fausto's [poetry] had fallen into the same patterns." 316; "we reach a point [...] where the habits of the past become too strong," 459; "The Church [...] has passed from promiscuity to authority." 480

Rowley-Bugge, Maxwell

69; aka Ralph MacBurgess, "peregrine and penniless in the Fink" (70); vaudvillian who's "daft for young girls"

Royal Air Force (RAF)

315; British air force; 331; 491

Royal Commandos
323; green-beret-wearing British troops; in Malta en route to Suez, 428; free-for-all with Scaffold sailors, 439; led by Dahoud, 441

Royal Geographical Society
191; 197

281; prostitute girlfriend of Sphere's; aka Paola (Hod) Maijstral; 291; 295; 349

rue de la Chaussée d'Antin
394; The rue de la Chaussée-d'Antin, in the IXe arrondissement of Paris was the street that gave this new quarter of Paris its generic name. It runs north-northwest from the Boulevard des Italians to the Église de la Sainte-Trinité,[1] sited to provide a focal object at its upper end. It has the Metro station Chaussée d'Antin - La Fayette and one section of the Galeries Lafayette department store. Wikipedia

rue de Ras-et-Tin
66; in Turkish quarter in Alexandria

rue La Fayette

176; wine

Russian Fleet

Rusty Spoon

35; bar on lower West Side on outskirts of Greenwich Village in New York; hangout of Whole Sick Crew; 102; 129; 221; 224; song, 224-25; Mondaugen and Stencil in, 228; 283; 296;


  1. Bridgman, Jon M., The Revolt of the Hereros, Univ. of California Press, 1981, p. 25

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