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110; of, relating to, or characteristic of James (Latin: Jacobus) I of England (1566-1625) or his time; neo Jacobean, 297; Wikipedia on Jacobean literature...

465; a celebrated militia of the Ottoman Empire, raised by Orchan in 1330; for some centuries they compulsorily recruited from Christian subjects of the Sultan.

10; U.S. or English marine; 130; 429

Jarretière, Mlle.
395; French: "garter"; stage name of Mélanie

351; juvenile delinquents

Jesus Christ
antichrist, 84; "stained-glass window portraying an early Christian martyr being devoured by wild beasts" 237, 275; "Like Jesus returning to earth, von Trotha is coming to deliver you." 240; the Redeemer, 271, 453; "Still one with the troglodytes who lived here 400 centuries before dear Christ's birth." 309; a Christ, 313; "Christ was her proper husband." 314; 316; tattoo of crucifixion on Bad Priest's head, 342; "Violent overthrow was a Christian phenomenon." 472; See also Fairing, Father; Redeemer

97; Curtiss JN was a biplane trainer built in 1916; better known as the "Jenny"

Joan of Arc (c.1412-31)

137; at the age of 17, this French patriot , clad in a white suit of armour and flying her own standard, forced the English to raise their siege against Orléans and retreat. Later, while attempting to beat back the Burgundians, she was captured by them and sold to the English. She was found guilty of heresy and sorcery by an ecclesiastical court and ordered burned at the stake. She recanted and was spared, but six days later she abjured and was burned at the stake in the market place of Rouen on May 30. She was instrumental in permanently halting the English ascendancy in France and, in 1920, was canonized.

224; in the Old Testament, a man whose faith was severely tested by Satan with God's permission. No matter what catastrophies beset poor Job, he would not curse God; founded line of schlemihls

John Bull
469; café in Valletta where Maijstral is headed while being tailed by S. Stencil

Johnson, Samuel (1709-84)
338; aka Dr. Johnson; an English writer and critic; "three meals ahead"

jolly jack tar
16; slang for a sailor, whose hands and clothes, in the days of sailing, were tarred by the ship's cordage.

Jones, Patrolman Steve
364; tall, skinny cop


38; Kook's buddy who is one of the Puerto Rican kids on subway

Profane's mother, 19; Da Conho, 22-23; 25; United Jewish Appeal, 45; "the hook nose is traditionally the sign of the Jew," 45; noses, 47-48; Ptolemy Philopator, the Alexandrian Jews and the elephants, 77; Eigenvalue's "old schoolboy yarmulka" 97; "weak, Jewish psychopath" 126; 222; "half-Jewish and half-Italian [...] What a terribly amusing role" 224; "I don't hate Jewish people [...] only the things they do." 287; "Thousands of Jewish corpses," 295; "Nazi soap made from one of those six million Jews" 354; "trying to prove thirteen rabbis rule the world." 360 (see p. 451); "if known then he is Yahweh and we are all Jews," 399; See also Mixolydian, Fergus; Shylock

320; mentioned in Maratt's poem

14; a loose-fitting jacket

June Disturbances

52; in Valletta in 1919; 318; 448; background, 467; 478; 488-92

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