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Echerze, Hanne

88; stocky blond waitress at the bierhalle north of the Ezbekiyeh Garden; paranoid, 89

Eckstine, Billy
440; American trumpeter and vocalist in the 1930s and 1940s

274; French: "listener"

Education, The

62; Henry Adams' autobiography , published privately in 1906; Excerpts

Eigenvalue, Dudley, DDS

55; office/residence on Park Avenue; metal dentures, 55 ("a vital piece of the V.-jigsaw"), 152, 154, 155, 343 (taken from Bad Priest), 412; 127; "of the same Circle" as Chiclitz, 152; "psychoanalysis had usurped from the priesthood the role of father-confessor. Now, it seemed, the analyst in his turn was about to be deposed by...the dentist." 153;"Tell it to Eigenvalue." 223; "the soul-dentist" 226; psychodontist, 249; subcontractor of SHOCK's teeth, 285; Whole Sick Crew's dentist, 297; Pynchon-L eigenvalue thread...; Wikipedia on Eigenvalues

Eisenhower, Dwight D. (1890-1969)
366; American general in WWII and 34th U.S. president. In 1942, he commanded the allied descent on French North Africa

See Xemxi, Elena

"returning like the elephant to his graveyard, to lie down and soon become ivory in whose bulk slept, latent, exquisite shapes of chessmen, backscratchers, hollow open-work Chinese spheres nested one inside the other" 40; "syphilitic elephant" 69; "There are always elephants to be made drunk" 321; "an old folk tale, the king wants a place made of elephant tusks" 321; "There were elephants south of Mt. Ruwenzori." 321; "Jumbo the Elephant [...] French ticklers" 372; "I am pregnant with a baby elephant. You want to see its trunk?" 430;

78; in Attica where religious rites in honor of Demeter or Ceres were performed; Wikipedia

Eliot, Thomas Stearns (T.S.) (1888-1965)
307; American-born British poet, critic and dramatist; wrote The Waste Land (1922) and The Hollow Men (1925), among many other works; "On Ash Wednesday of '42 [...] Dnubietna wrote a 'satire' on Eliot's poem" 308; 354; Wikipedia

431; barmaid at Four Aces in the Gut

178; gunfire directed along the length of an enemy battle line, or an arrangement in opposite and parallel rows


"The party [...] unwound like a clock's mainspring [...] seeking some easing of its own tension, some equilibrium." 52; Schoenberg's quartets, 57; soul "dissolved away," 60; desert, 82-83; "visited by shadows of rhythm and decay," 160; "a world of neat hollow squares and snappy counter-marching had deteriorated into rout or mindlessness" 171; "Cesare's mournful singing soon dissipated in the seeming vastness of that street." 188; "what was the tag-end of an age if not that sort of imbalance, that tilt toward the more devious, the less forceful?" 199; one-way, 204; Foppl's villa, 235; "A taming [...] of the original heat with which he'd watched Vera Meroving" 246; keep moving, 262; "progress of appetite or evolution of indulgence," 273; "the Benguela current would never cease bringing sand to raise the harbor floor [...]" 274; progressive dissipation at Foppl's, 275-76; "makeup they'd not cleaned away clinging in blotches to pore-riddled cheeks" 276; hermetic, 277; perpetual motion, 282; "with Newtonian physics, pretty well assimilated and a lot of work in thermodynamics going on, man was looked on more as a heat-engine, about 40 per cent efficient" 284; one-way, 286; "a clear movement toward death or [...] non-humanity." 321; "the sun grows colder, the Hagiar Kim ruins progress towards dust, as do we, as does my little Hillman Minx," 337; "the tide is irresistible and irreversible" 405; "atoms collide, brain cells fatigue, economies collapse," 405; irreversible, 410; "politics of slow dying," 410; progression of Porcépic's score to dissonance, 413-14; "The characteristic stillness [...] of the rock. Inertia." 445; "Both the world and we, M. Stencil, began to die from the moment of birth." [or, as Mr. Dylan sez: "He not busy being born is busy dyin'"] 459; painting the Peri, 460; "Is old age a disease? [...] The body slows down, machines wear out, planets falter and loop, sun and stars gutter and smoke. Why say a disease? Only to bring it down to a size you can look at and feel comfortable." 461; "The disease would progress." 489; See also balloons; clocks; death; decadence; hothouse; inanimate; rock


"it isn't espionage," 53; "quaint and romantic views about," 183; 198; S. Stencil in Malta, 465; spys, 475; 479; 481; See also Della Torre; skin; surface

Establishment, The
156; what Evan Godolphin calls his family

312; in the context of V., consecrated bread used in the sacrament

299; girl in kitchen at party in French Town, MA, who tries to seduce Sphere

322; north/northeast wind in Middle East mentioned in the Bible as having caused the shipwreck of St. Paul

89; works at bierhalle

Evelyn, Uncle
72-73; Victoria's uncle, lived in Australia; wore a wideawake hat

Evening Colors
385; at sundown all Navy personnel salute the flags "going down on dozens of fantails [an overhang of a ship shaped like a duck's bill]," 426

Existential Sheriff
284; book, recommended by Pig, that Profane is reading at Anthroresearch; 286

Eyes of a New York Woman
141; "a song of the Great Depression"; 214

Ezbekiyeh Garden
83; in Cairo; scene of murder, 93

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