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Südwest Map

229; desert region in Africa, situated in southwest Botswana, southeast Südwest and northernmost South Africa. Though called a desert, it is almost entirely covered with grass and woodland, except in Südwest where it is bare sand; See map, at right.

Kalkfontein South

229; village in Südwest near which is the white outpost where Mondaugen first arrives from Germany; See map, at right.

Kameeldoorn tree
262; from Hartwin Alfred Gebhardt: Kameeldoring (Afrikaans). Kameldorn (German). Literally: "camel-thorn" tree. Sort of the unofficial National tree of Namibia; the wood is very hard, ideal for 'braais' (grilling). A Namibian/German adaptation of the song Horst Wessell (later a popular Nazi marching song) was the Namibian hymn until independence in 1989, and is still sung defiantly by the (mostly white Afrikaaner) Rugby crowds, in the original German. It starts "So hart wie Kameldornholz ist unser Land..." (as hard as camel thorn wood is our land/country).

Karas range

277; See map, upper right.

Katz, Manfred
120; preceeded Zeitruss as boss of Alligator Patrol

Kautsky's Independents
242; Karl Joseph Kautsky (1854-1938) was a German socialist leader, a disciple of Karl Marx and a critic of Bolshevism. In 1883 he founded and edited Die Neue Zeit ("The Modern Times").


261; town in southern Südwest; 269; See map, upper right.

Kelly, Grace (1929-82)

225; American actress who starred in, among other films, High Noon (1952) and Rear Window (1954). In 1956 she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco and retired from the screen. She was killed in a car accident; See also Rainier, Prince

266; mine in Südwest


66; the capital of Sudan, located near the junction of the White Nile and Blue Nile rivers in central Sudan. In 1885 the Mahdists, led by Muhammed Ahmed ibn Abdallah (who had declared himself Mahdi--"the expected one"--in 1881), revolted against Egyptian rule and laid siege to Khartoum, defeating the British forces, led by General Charles Gordon (the Egyptian-appointed governor general of the Sudan). The British were assisting the Egyptians (who controled northern Sudan). A combined British-Egyptian offensive, led by Lord Kitchener, defeated the Mahdists in 1898. The following year Sudan was claimed as a condominium under joint administration of Britain and Egypt; 167; 171; 172; See also Fuzzy-Wuzzy; Gordon, General; Kitchener, Sirdar; Mahdi; Mohammed Ahmed; Sudan

Khevenhüller-Metsch, Count
68; Austrian consul in Alexandria; Etymology

404; "huge and homicidal" Russian expatriate tailor

Khrushchev, Nikita (1894-1971)

366; Soviet leader who became, on the death of Stalin in 1953, first secretary of the All Union party and, three years later, denounced Stalinism. In 1957 he demoted potential rivals Malenkov, Molotov and Kaganovich. He was deposed in 1964 and forced to retire. He was the Soviet leader during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. See also Malenkov

Kiel revolt

260; Kiel is the capital of Schleswig-Holstein province in western Germany


31; cartoon figure with long nose dangling over fence; 377; "Profane [...] hung his nose over the edge of the roof," 388; "Grandmaster of Valletta," 436; history of, 436; 440; 441; 443

King Kong

421; "the well-known ape"; KK in Gravity's Rainbow


308; main drag in Valletta, Malta; formerly Strada Reale; 333; 382; 428

Kitchener, Sirdar (1850-1915)

66; "England's newest colonial hero"; General Horatio Kitchener, sirdar of the Egyptian army from 1890, led the British army in the Sudan which, in 1898, defeated the army of the Mahdi's successor, the Khalifa, at the Battle of Omdurman; 69; See also Fuzzy-Wuzzy; Gordon, General; Khartoum; Mohammed Ahmed; Mahdi; Sudan

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