The Herero

From The Revolt of the Hereros by Jon Bridgman, published by Univ. of California Press, 1981:

The Basters were a half-caste people [...] from legally recognized and religiously consecrated unions between Dutch men and Hottentot women. The Basters spoke Dutch and proudly carried Dutch names such as van der Byl, Cloete, Vries, and van Wyk. For several generations these people had lived quietly in the region just to the south of the Orange River, then in 1865 the Cape government decreed that all settlers in marginal areas would be obliged to prove title to the lands which they occupied or get out. The Basters, fearing the loss of their lands [...] settled in the vicinity of Reheboth. During the uprising the Basters remained loyal to the Germans and were rewarded by being permitted to retain their lands. In 1915 the Basters again chose the winning side, this time supporting the invaders from the Union of South Africa. Their foresight was again rewarded and to this day they are permitted to live much as they did in 1870. (p. 25)

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