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Page numbers, if alone, refer to the 492-page editions. Please feel free to add the 547-page-edition page numbers, using the syntax: n/n2 - where "n" is the 492-page and "n2" is the 547-page. Thanks.

267; Dutch: a temporary camp surrounded by wagons and impedimenta as a defense

Laferla steamer

Lake Mareotis
78; in northern Egypt near Alexandria, at the mouth of the Nile

Lamarck, Jean (1744-1829)
47; French naturalist and pre-Darwinian evolutionist

462; small island about 110 miles southwest of Malta; "invisible circle centered at Xaghriet Mewwija with Lampedusa on the rim," 462; "Draw a line from Malta to Lampedusa. Call it a radius." 492; Wikipedia

Land of the Axe
321; what Africa was called by early peoples

460; Oxford Universal Dictionary (1955 ed.): "the unmeaning refrain of a popular 17th c. song"; "lantur(e)lu" is French for "nonsense." Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary, 2d Ed.: an old card game in which the winner of each trick takes a portion of the pool, while losing players are obligated to contribute to the next pool. I suppose TRP means some sort of nonsense song, though he may be taking liberties with "lanterloo."

70; in Yorkshire, England. Town where MacBurgess is busted for sex with a minor; also where Victoria Wren lived

Lascaris Wharf
492; on Malta; Lascaris was a 17th Century Grand Master Map of Malta

Last Day
84-85; "when the prophet Christ re-establishes el-Islam as the religion of the world"

la Ville-Lumière
401; French: "the City of Light" - aka Paris

374; deck ape on USS Scaffold; 425; 428

League of Nations
235; A forerunner of the United Nations, the League was set up under a provision of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 to mediate disputes among nations; then-U.S. President Woodrow Wilson was the principal architect; he saw it as a "covenant of friendship" between the nations which would be "a guarantee of peace." Ironically, the US Senate refused the ratify the Treaty of Versailles and the U.S. Never joined the League; 243

League of the Red Sunrise
157; nihilist group at Dartmouth led by Evan Godolphin; 158

Left Bank
406; student/artist area south of the Seine in Paris (the left bank of a river is the bank on your left as you're facing downstream)

Le Havre
388; port in northern France established in 1517 as Le-Havre-de-Grâce ("harbor of grace")

430; "the red-headed water-king" in Valletta who "always looks for rocks"; a ship's water king is responsible for the supply of potable and feed water

L'Enlèvement des Vierges Chinoises—Rape of the Chinese Virgins

396; ballet produced by Itague, choreographed by Satin and composed by Porcépic; premiered in 1913; performance, 412-14

170; 292; in Massachussetts, site of jazz festival; 298; 348; 350; song, 351; The Secret Integration

69; German with blue eye-glasses; 75; "One can have enough [...] of this soiled South." 75; 78; 81; 82; "A jewel merchant who had lent money to the Mahdists" 84; "a salesman — said he — of ladies' jewelry" 88; lover of Hanne, 88-89; at opera in Ezbekiyeh Gardens, 93; Lepsius connection

Le Soleil
393; "the Orleanist morning paper" in 1913 Paris. The Orleanists were supporters of the Orleans family in its claim to the throne of France by descent from a younger brother of Louis XIV.

Leutwein, Major Theodor
255; Südwest administrator who took away Hereros' cattle and gave it to white settlers; He was replaced by von Trotha in 1904; MORE

68; the Levant (p 184) is the region of the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, the lands from Greece to Egypt; 457; lanterloo, 460

l'Heuremaudit, Mélanie

393; (French: "time of the damned"; "cursed hour"); 15-year-old dancer in Paris; in V.'s apartment, 406; shorn, 407; "V. needed her fetish, Mélanie a mirror," 410; impaled, 413-14

Libre Parole, La
399; French: "The Free Speech"

243; street in Munich where Mondaugen had an attic room in a mansarde

443; region of northwest Italy, on the Ligurian Sea

Liguorian tracts
354; works by Aulus Persius Flaccus (AD 34-62), aka "The Ligurian Sage"

132; British sailor or, more generally, a British person; 430; 439

267; conservative who succeeded von Trotha as governor in Südwest in 1905

131; "vagrant minstrel " in Fu's Chinese joke

L'Isle-Adam, Philippe Villiers de (d.1534)
310; a member of one of the noblest families of France, he became the first Maltese Grand Master, from 1530-34


70; the hero of a ballad in Scott's Mfarmion, who boldly rides off with his sweetheart just as she is about to be married to another.

255; a character from Nicholas Rowe's tragedy The Fair Penitent (1703) who was a gay (carefree) libertine, seducer of women and debauchee.

The Fair Penitent (1703), an adaptation of Massinger and Field's Fatal Dowry, was pronounced by Dr Johnson, and was one of the most pleasing tragedies in ever written in English. In it occurs the famous character of Lothario, whose name passed into current use as the equivalent of a rake. Samuel Johnson noted of The Fair Penitent that, "The story is domestic, and therefore easily received by the imagination, and assimilated to common life; the diction is exquisitely harmonious, and soft or spritely as occasion requires."

78; was warned by an angel of God's destruction of Sodom and escaped

89; works at bierhalle

398; French: "Uganda" [the source of the White Nile is in Uganda]; cabaret in Paris where Itague hangs out; 405; 408;

254; French: "werewolf"

Lowenstein, Margravine di Chiave
53; friend of Stencil's who lives in a villa on the west coast of Majorca (island in the Mediterranean) in 1946 [The title "Margravine" means "the wife of a margrave," a margrave being a member of the German nobility corresponding in rank to a British marquess]; 62

See Devil

Lucille (b. 1942)
139; girl Profane hangs with; named, 142

Lucky Pierre Runs Amok
219; one of Pig's porno radio productions while with Task Force 60 in the Mediterranean


267; barren islets off of it were natural concentration camps; Lüderitz Bay is located on the southern end of Südwest; 273; Map of Südwest

Ludgate Circus
184; in London; Fleet Street lies across it.

340; German airforce

162; Italian: "along the Arno"; the streets that run along the Arno river in Florence; 212

70; cafe in Alexandria

74; city on the Nile in southern Egypt

Lych, Captain C. Osric
373; commander of USS Scaffold, with his inner circle of habitual offenders; 426; 431; See also Prisoners-at Large and Restricted Men's Club

Lyon, the blond seamstress of
160; former lover of Sr. Mantissa; addicted to absinthe and acquaintance of H. Godolphin, 209

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