Vera Meroving

The Merovingian Dynasty ruled over the Franks (the Germanic tribe which conquered Gaul after the fall of the Roman Empire) from A.D. 475 to 751. There are those who believe that (to quote Steve Mizrach from his summary of the thesis of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln (1982):

"Jesus and Mary Magdalene, legitimate nobility from the Judaic Houses of Benjamin and David, married and sired heirs. Jesus did not die on the cross but went either to England or India. The Magdalene's heirs married into the Visigoth families of the time, and gave birth to the sacred Merovingian ruling family. The Visigoths of the area might have themselves been descended from the House of Benjamin, which had fled to the Arcadia region of Greece, and thence north into France, a thousand years earlier. The Merovingians were not wiped out by the Carolingian usurpers, and their lineage survives in some of the other royal families of Europe. [...] The Merovingians were "sacred kings" who reigned but did not rule, leaving the secular governing function to chancellors known as the Mayors of the Palace. It was the one of the Mayors, Pepin the Fat, who founded the dynasty that came to supplant them — the Carolingians."

Wikipedia entry for The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

Interestingly, History of the Franks by Gregory of Tours (539-594 A.D.) lists Merovingian women's names and includes the names Leibovera and Audovera.

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