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Dear WikiAdmin, Tim Ware:

I just wanted to say this when you are next here checking out the V. wiki. I think I'm entering everything correctly now, and I have the pagination from the Classics edition.

A-And, I know that "Christmas Eve 1955" should follow Benny Profane on the page, but it seemed better and right to start the annotations with some possibilities re Benny's name. (Now that I can hyperlink, it is very exciting)

But, in just researching what day of the week, Christmas 1955 was, I found the incredible 'profane' fact always we ask, did TRP know literally or does his vision just allow for such 'facts"???

You can of course ask me to move them if you would like.

A-and, is this--are there other?--talk pages to explore paaterns, ideas, beyond simple annotation?

User: Mark Kohut

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