Chapter 14

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Please keep these annotations SPOILER-FREE by not revealing information from later pages in the novel.
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399 - La Libre Parole. . .Captain Dreyfus
La Libre Parole was a virulantly anti-semitist newspaper founded by Edouard Drumont in 1892. The captain in question was Afred Dreyfus. Dreyfus, a Jewish officer in the French Army, was accused and convicted of spying based on shakey evidence - a verdict highly influence by anti-semitism. He was eventually exonerated after the actual spy was caught. The "Dreyfus Affair" was one of the major political dramas of the time and a rallying cry for forces fighting against antisemitism in France.

414/460 -- Sgherraccio, a mad Irrendentist

Sgherraccio is a member of a movement in Malta which sought to break away from British rule and join Italy; also, more generally, irredentists are members of a movement which seeks to break away from foreign rule and join its ethnically related unit. The word was coined in Italy from the phrase Italia irredenta ("unredeemed Italy"). This originally referred to Austro-Hungarian rule over mostly or partly Italian-inhabited territories such as Trentino and Trieste during the 19th and early 20th century. Sgherraccio, like the Florentine Ferrante, is a fierce Italian patriot. His name derives from the Italian phrase alla sgherra which means "cocked" as in a cocked hat, denoting arrogance, thus the metonym sgherro for a cocky person, i.e., a gangster or tough guy. The Italian suffix "-accio" denotes badness or ugliness and reinforces the gangster meaning. That Sgherraccio is a badass gangsta.

Italian suffixes

Italia Irredenta

Chapter 1
In which Benny Profane, a schlemihl and human yo-yo, gets to an apocheir
Chapter 2
The Whole Sick Crew
Chapter 3
In which Stencil, a quick-change artist, does eight impersonations
Chapter 4
In which Esther gets a nose job
Chapter 5
In which Stencil nearly goes West with an alligator
Chapter 6
In which Profane returns to street level
Chapter 7
She hangs on the western wall
Chapter 8
In which Rachel gets her yo-yo back, Roony sings a song, and Stencil calls on Bloody Chiclitz
Chapter 9
Mondaugen's story
Chapter 10
In which various sets of young people get together
Chapter 11
Confessions of Fausto Maijstral
Chapter 12
In which things are not so amusing
Chapter 13
In which the yo-yo string is revealed as a state of mind
Chapter 14
V. in love
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Epilogue, 1919
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